Force-reload bug test

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When you load this page—after it finishes loading, and another 1 second passes—a text file is loaded (asynchronously) from the server, and its contents are displayed in the yellow box above.

When you submit your entered text (by clicking the “Do it!” button), that text file on the server is immediately (and also asynchronously) updated with the new text.

If you then reload the page, you might expect to see that new text (the text you just entered into the text box, right before you clicked the “Do it” button), displayed in the yellow box.

But you won’t; you’ll see the old text. This is because your browser will have cached the text file; so when you reload the page, your browser won’t actually send a new request to the server—it will just use the cached file you already have.

Unless, of course, you force-reload. Force-reloading tells your browser to actually re-request every file from the server, discarding whatever cached versions it may have. So, if you force-reload after clicking the button, you should immediately see the new text—the text you just entered. Right?

Well, that’s what this page was created to test. See for yourself.

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